Willow Creek Travel

Creating Lifetime Travel Strategies

Willow Creek Travel provides lifetime travel planning to a select group of clients, allowing us to focus on each individual's big-picture travel goals.

Deep Luxury Travel Knowledge

Founded on our shared love of creative & strategic travel planning, we are thrilled to bring our combined 20 years in the luxury travel space to Willow Creek Travel's exclusive membership.

Our awesome features
Think Strategically About Travel

We treat our clients’ travel with the same respect a financial planner treats their finances. Each client of Willow Creek Travel receives an annual travel report that includes a multiyear travel plan designed with their individual milestones, yearly travel budget, and bucket-list in mind.

Our awesome features
Unique Expertise

We are experts in our clients. We keep our client list small so we have time to get to know each traveler. We want to know your tastes, interests, hobbies, and personality so every element of your itinerary is tailored just for you and your family.

Our awesome features
Travel Without Regret

We work with smart travelers who know that planning ahead guarantees the best travel experiences. Keeping a long-term travel plan allows us to think strategically about the best ways to incorporate your travel bucket-list into your busy daily life.

Our awesome features

Join Us!

We are now accepting a limited number of client applications for the 2023 travel planning season.